Thank you to everyone near and far who supported our 1st Annual Pink Bow Campaign Impact Event.

A special thank you:

The Aloft Hotel in Ballantyne

Cabo Fish Taco – Ballantyne

Snow Babe Balloons

Sweet Treats by Robin, LLC

The Pink Bow Campaign Advisory Board

Thank you all for your generosity and support in the fight against breast cancer.

We could not do this without the tireless efforts of our friends and volunteers.

Pink Bow neighborhoods, supporters, and Go Jen Go were on site to share ideas, network, and strategize on making a stronger local impact!

The Goal of the IMPACT Meeting:

  • To make the greatest local impact in our communities!
  • To get a pink bow on every mailbox in Charlotte and the surrounding areas!
  • To provide pink bows to breast cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers throughout the year!
  • To grow this campaign and spread awareness and support!

How can we do this? With each of you – your friends, your employers, your neighborhoods, your community, and your family. Let’s do this! Reach out to to get more involved.

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