Let’s get a Pink Bow on every mailbox in Charlotte! Join us on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 6:30 for our first Pink Bow Kickoff event!

About this event

The Pink Bow Campaign, Inc. Kick Off Event is supporting breast cancer patients one bow at a time. Our goal is to get a pink bow on every mailbox in Charlotte and raise more funds and awareness. Join, Founder, Robin Saddler, and other individuals who are interested in supporting the Pink Bow Campaign 2022. Invite your neighbors, friends, and communities to see just how easy it is to get involved and make a difference. And of course pick up your pink bows to cover Charlotte!

Get involved – get supporters – get partners


  • Manage a campaign in your neighborhood.
  • Participate in festivals and events.
  • Support a neighbor/friend going through breast cancer and/or a survivor/thriver.
  • For houses without mailboxes, place bows on trees, front doors, railings, cars, etc.


  • Middle school, high school, and college – Pink Out Games.
  • Shopping Centers covered in pink bows during the month of October.
  • Participate in local festivals, fairs, and events.
  • Organize educational session(s) at various events, venues, and places of worship.


  • Become a sponsor.
  • Purchase pink bows and offer to employees during the month of October.
  • Donate pink bows to breast cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers.
  • Organize pink bow events for employees to learn about breast health education and purchase pink bows (i.e. lunch and learns and employee engagement events).
  • Sponsor a neighborhood in a lesser demographic to raise awareness for breast health education.


  • Purchase pink bows and offer to customers during the month of October.
  • Sell pink bows during the month of October with all of the proceeds benefitting The Pink Bow Campaign.
  • Organize a “Pink Bow Day” where a portion of the day/event proceeds benefit The Pink Bow Campaign.
  • For multiple locations, create a competition where customers purchase pink bows to fill a large wreath.

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