Neighborhood opportunities

  • Manage a pink bow campaign in your neighborhood.
  • Participate in community festivals and / or events and offer pink bows.
  • Support a neighbor/friend going through breast cancer and/or a survivor/thriver.
  • For houses without mailboxes, place bows on trees, front doors, railings, cars, etc.
  • Middle school and high school – Pink Out Games.
  • Donate A Bow – Donate pink bows to breast cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers.
  • Adopt A Neighborhood – Sponsor a community in an underserved area to raise awareness and offer breast health information.

managing a pink bow campaign

  1. Communicate with your HOA to confirm community support.  Post specific information about the campaign on community websites, Facebook groups, emails, and newsletters.
  2. Coordinate with the PBC to identify your quantity of pink bows. The pink bows are distributed on a consignment basis. Whatever you don’t sell you simply return.  If you need more bows, they will be provided.
  3. Distribute flyers to all mailboxes with information on how to purchase a pink bow, your contact information, and your personal why/story. This is a great opportunity for any student in need of service hours.
  4. Orders are accepted online through our website, cash, or check. All online orders will be emailed directly to the neighborhood campaign leaders as they come in. Please encourage everyone to properly select their neighborhood or business in order to receive their bow in a timely manner.
  5. Deliver pink bows to mailboxes / residences. Another great opportunity for any student in need of service hours.
  6. At the conclusion of your campaign, reconcile any remaining dollars and pink bows to the PBC.  
  7. At the end of every bow season, we have a celebration and wrap up event in November to present a donation to our main beneficiary, Go Jen Go.

Together we can make an IMPACT – One Pink Bow at a Time!