A year in review – The 2021 Pink Bow Campaign! Each volunteer, business partner, school and neighborhood participating in or donating to our 2021 Pink Bow Campaign made a significant contribution towards raising awareness for breast cancer and in turn saving many lives. By spreading the importance of mammograms and early detection, we are truly making an impact in the fight against breast cancer – one pink bow at a time! This incredible effort creates awareness and hope while also bringing people together in a way that resonates the true meaning of community, health, and well being. We are so grateful for your participation.

Please join us as The Pink Bow Campaign continues to increase awareness throughout the year with events and activities for everyone to enjoy and participate in. We hope you will continue to support The Pink Bow Campaign, Inc. in 2022 as either a donor, sponsor, or volunteer. The need is NOW! http://www.thepinkbowcampaign.org or email directly to robin@thepinkbowcampaign.org.

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