The Pink Bow Campaign, Inc. would like to introduce our next Advisory Board member – Cathy Kane.

cathy kane

I come from a long line of women in my family affected by breast cancer. My grandmother had it—at a time, over 70 years ago, when a mastectomy was the only option; then her daughter, (my mother) was diagnosed when she was 48 years old (1970) and had a radical mastectomy and chemo. Her cancer returned and she passed away 5 years later at the age of 53. Then my older sister and I were diagnosed – we both opted for lumpectomies but I needed to have chemo and radiation.

Consequently, I am an active advocate for breast health and will do anything I can to help eradicate this disease. Convincing ladies to get their mammograms, putting pink bows up everywhere, raising money, donating money and getting people involved . . . until we find a cure. Too many people are affected by this disease!! The good news is we are getting closer, people don’t have to die from it anymore and the treatments are saving lives. However, there is NOT a cure yet, so the journey continues.

I joined the Pink Bow Campaign in 2016 shortly after we moved here from Greensboro. I heard about the Pink Bow Campaign from the Carolina Women’s Club of which I was a member. I put up a few bows around my neighborhood, raised a little money and donated it to the campaign. The next year, when I went for my annual mammogram, it was discovered that I had breast cancer. After my surgery, chemo and radiation treatments were completed and with my wig still in use, I got myself out there and put up the bows. This time, my friends, family and neighborhood all got involved. I quickly raised $3,000 that year. The following year,  I doubled that and had full participation in my neighborhood, the Firethorne Country Club, and put 210 bows on EVERY MAILBOX. The sea of pink bows on every single mailbox as people drove down the street was a sight to behold!

Since 2016 I have raised over $20,000 for the Pink Bow Campaign and I am still going strong. In 2021, Robin asked me if I would like to participate as a member of the The Pink Bow Campaign Advisory Board. I enthusiastically said “Yes!” and consider it an honor to serve on the Board.

Additionally, I now have a small group of ladies in Firethorne  called “Team Pink” who cheerfully show up at my house on October 1st, grab a bag of pink bows and joyously start tying them on all the mailboxes in our neighborhood for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I will do this every year as long as I am able to remind people that they need to schedule their mammogram and that it really does save lives. It certainly saved mine! I am so grateful! Get that Mammogram!

Please join us in thanking Cathy for all of her continued efforts with The Pink Bow Campaign, Inc. and the fight against breast cancer!

Thank you Cathy!

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